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Voiplid PBX SIP Trunking®

Benefits of Hosted PBX While Maintaining Your PBX

You’ll need a communications system that works with your existing PBX system and grows with your company. SIP Trunking from Nextiva will drastically lower your company’s communication expenditures while still giving you access to Nextiva’s award-winning VoIP technology. What’s the best part? You can continue to utilise your current PBX system.

Voiplid Certified PBX Systems

Certified & Supported PBX Systems

Voiplid Certified PBX Systems

You can rest certain that your existing PBX system will integrate effortlessly with Voiplid’s cloud phone service. Voiplid is certified in a number of PBX systems and also provides support for a number of others.

Benefits of Voiplid PBX SIP Trunking

Upgrading your office technology without the risks, Voiplid SIP Trunking transitions your business to the cloud.

Save Money while Growing your Business

Reduce your company’s communication costs significantly by adding SIP trunks to your existing PBX equipment with rapid cloud deployment.

Scale your communications as you grow.

Adjust SIP trunks as needed to enable local, toll-free, long-distance, and international calls as the size of your organisation and call volume varies.

Simple & Transparent Pricing Plan

Payments are handled securely by Master/Visa

Office Pro

Perfect for Small Business $19.99 USD / user / month

Office Pro +

$29.99 USD / user / month

Our +50,000 Trusted Teams Join Over

Office Pro

Office Pro +

Cloud PBX

Caller ID

Call Transfer

Call Forwarding

Real-time Call Reporting

Voicemail to Email


Call Queues

Ring Groups

Conference Rooms

Music on Hold

Intercom & Paging

Personal Assistant

Business text messaging

Microsoft and Salesforce integrations

Call recording & voice analytics

Unlimited internet fax

Outbound Call Recording

2 GB

20 GB

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Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great way to make and receive phone calls using your broadband Internet connection instead of your standard phone line. Nextiva converts your phone calls into data that zips through your high-speed Internet.

The minimum Internet connection speed required for a quality phone call has been determined to be 80-100 Kbps. Please go to the following website to check your Internet connection speed.

With Voiplid, you don’t have to sign a contract; our standard service is month-to-month. If you prefer your service to be based on a contract, we can create and negotiate one for you based on your business needs.

Yes, you can record a personal greeting, a special marketing message, or a holiday greeting. Hold on music can be uploaded as .wav .mp3 files.