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Wholesale DID Numbers

Wholesale DID Numbers – Voiplid Network provides DIDs in over 106 countries around the world at prices starting as low as $1 per number.

Empowers VoIP phone companies to offer phone service from different areas of the world to its end-users.

No Membership fee at this time.

Instant Activation

All the DID's we offer are
INSTANTLY turned on for
you, without any delays.

Quality Guarantee

Each DID is rated by quality
of the service and provider.

Low Price DID Numbers

Voiplid offers low setup and
monthly fee on the DID numbers.

Money Back Guarantee

We offers Money Back guarantee
on any DID that does not work for
more than 3 days in a row.

Buy DID Numbers In Bundle


Global Coverage

We provide the largest international coverage of virtual numbers, with global presence in over 60 countries and thousands of area codes around the world.

Network Infrastructure

Our solid and robust network together with strategically-placed and secured POPs enables us to create a state-of-the-art IP backbone, delivering world-class voice services with predictable QoS (Quality of Service).


Our services have been designed to provide the highest standards of reliability and availability. In addition, Voiplid commits to industry-leading Service Level Agreements to suit your requirements.

Premium Quality

Together with our direct network connections, strict routing procedures and constant monitoring techniques, Voiplid is the natural choice for quality-conscious carriers seeking premium voice services.

Call Forwarding Options

Our flexible, scalable and secure voice solution enables our customers to utilize a wide range of call forwarding options, including VoIP, PSTN, mobiles, Skype and VoIM.


Due to our international presence and extensive footprint, we are able to offer a variety of cost effective pricing plans that enable you to better serve your customers and present attractive up and cross-sale opportunities.


Our global team of telecommunications professionals provide 24/7 support, maintenance and network monitoring in order to facilitate the delivery of premium voice services.


Our extensive inventory of local numbers allows immediate service activation and on-line ordering.

Have a question?

Have a query? Please check this frequency questions and answer.

Numbers porting currently available only for USA and Canada, Please contact sales [email protected] to know more available number porting  destinations

No membership fee. Inactive members do not do business on Voiplid. To do business, one must activate the account first. 

Voiplid Network is a DID number market for wholesale customers. Many call it “Ebay for DID” or “Arbinet for DID.” We call it, Voiplid Wholesale DID’s. Voiplid is for wholesale VoIP service providers (LEC’s, CLEC’s and IXC’s) eager to sell.

Voiplid members receive customer support via telephone, email, Whatsapp and online ticketing system.

Instant, all numbers are instantly activated to you when you purchased them unless they are special order numbers/some documents required for some destinations, which you will be notified of before you buy.