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Flexible infrastructure
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Make and receive calls in the cloud with elastic SIP trunking. Full Suite of Reporting & Route Management Tools. 1 seconds call blocks.


Got a Question?


No. All you need is a Voiplid SIP Trunking Account and phone adapter, Mobile Apps, Laptop, Desktop, IP Phones, Cloud PBX or your own switch then  high-speed Internet connection.
Yes. There is available PC Dialer  software to download and calls go through your computer, so Mac or PC will impact your Voiplid service.

Yes. Voiplid works just like traditional phone service, with the addition of more features and better service at a much lower price. With Voiplid, your phone calls are sent over the Internet, instead of over phone lines.

You use your phone the same way you always have, the sound quality is superb and your phone rings just like it always has. You can call anyone – not just other Voiplid customers – and anyone can call you. Plus, in most cases, you can keep your phone number.

Voiplid has a Internet Speed test that does just that. As long as you have at least 90kbps of bandwidth (upload speed), you can use Voiplid, but it works best when you have more than 180 kbps.
Voiplid doesn’t provide Internet service.
YES, Voiplid  work with home alarm systems.