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Flexible infrastructure in an instant.

Make and receive calls in the cloud with elastic SIP trunking.

No credit card needed!

Teamwork for Productivity

Telecommunication experts having 12 years SIP Trunking experience have built Voiplid SIP Trunking Services. This experience has been invited to provide you a stage in order to prosper and get success.

With Voiplid Cloud SIP Trunking Service, you must not worry about any beforehand cost of buying your own Softswitch or bearing the huge cost of hiring technical professionals and customer services.

Therefore, Voiplid Network is here to cater all your needs.

With Voiplid Cloud SIP Trunking Services you don’t have to worry about the major upfront expense of purchasing your own softswitch or the monthly costs associated with hiring customer service and technical professionals. Voiplid Network provides all of this for you.

Tier-1 Redundant Network

The network makes sure excellent performance all times. We make sure high definition voice quality. To do this, our SIP traffic goes through tier-1 upstream providers.

Choose Your Own Provider

What sets Sip Trunking Services apart from other SIP providers is that we do not force you to buy bandwidth from us. Enjoy the freedom to choose your bandwidth provider. It can be Metro Ethernet, Cable, DSL or T-1, the choice is yours.

High Quality Self-Service Control

Sip Trunking Services has a user interface that is user friendly. You can manage any function that comes with your SIP account. Review and export all your real-time call records and call data. You can also change or add services.

Connect to the cloud in no time.

Save time and money and avoid traditional capacity restrictions by connecting your existing PBX infrastructure to the cloud.

Scale your on-premise call center.

Equip your call center with SIP connectivity and avoid managing carrier relationships and contracts in multiple countries.


Voiplid Leading #1 SIP Trunking services

Low Cost – Self-Service – Flexible – Reliable

Voiplid SIP Trunking makes it easy to connect your existing PBX system to the world in minutes. Still planning around peak traffic? Not anymore. Scale up or down with virtually unlimited capacity, save on costs up to 70%, and easily go global. Plus, integrate seamlessly with Voiplid DID''s Numbers for a complete SIP Trunking solution.

(SIP) Session Initiation Protocol VS (PRI) Primary Rate Interface

Voiplid SIP Trunks

  • Virtual connection (voice & data transmission)
  • One at a time purchase (good scalability)
  • Business continuity/disaster recovery via automatic call rerouting in the cloud
  • Little to no hardware investment for deployment

Traditional PRI Systems

  • Physical connection over a dedicated line (only voice transmission)
  • Requires purchase of up to 23 channels at a time
  • Call diversion and rerouting possible (complex setup and expensive maintenance)
  • Up-front investment in hardware for deployment

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