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SIP Trunk and DID Numbers

SIP Trunk
and DID Numbers

By partnering with a SIP trunk provider, you can achieve automated and streamlined routing, offer higher-quality employee experiences, and also enable significant savings.

  • Limit capital expenditures. SIP trunking allows you to add upgraded functionality to your legacy phone system without replacing an entire system
  • Add reliability. By deploying features from the cloud, SIP trunking ensures business continuity and productivity
  • Lower TCO. By getting rid of voice and data hardware systems, SIP trunking can lower your total cost of ownership
  • Customizable. Only pay for the call paths you need instead of being forced to install (and pay for) an entire PRI.

Virtual DID Number Coverage

Voiplid Network's virtual numbers have the following features:

Frequently Asked Question

If you can’t find an answer to your query in this FAQ, please check our Voiplid knowledgebase or contact customer support.

A DID is a feature provided by telephone companies to satisfy the demands of its clients through PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems. In practise, a DID number (also known as a DDI in Europe and sometimes referred to as a virtual number) is a local geographic or national telephone number that, through Voiplid, can be forwarded to PSTN (Plain Old Telephone System – a regular telephone) on a flat rate or per minute basis, Voice over IP (VoIP), SIP, H.323, IAX, GTalk, and other services.

A DID is typically used to give local telephone numbers to consumers all over the world, or to allow access from standard landlines to non-PSTN destinations such as VoIP.

This feature allows you to receive calls to your DID numbers on either a standard land line or a mobile phone. There is no need for internet, PC, or VoIP services, and no minutes are paid. All or any of your DID numbers can be mapped to the same PSTN number (for more details on PSTN mapping, see How to Add New Mapping?). You may always alter the mapping by logging into your account.
Remember to provide the number in the country-code+city-code+number format.

The courtiers that DIDWW supports in PSTN DID numbers are mentioned under PSTN on the Mapping page.

DID Numbers


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