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Show retail calling rates in: MYR | USD

CountryRates USD
0180-1 Shared Cost [EXCL]0.0227
0180-2 Shared Cost [EXCL]0.0212
0180-3 Shared Cost [EXCL]0.0464
0180-4 Shared Cost [EXCL]0.1666
0180-5 Shared Cost [EXCL]0.0693
Afghanistan [FIX]0.0843
Afghanistan [MOB]0.0544
Albania [FIX]0.0746
Albania [MOB]0.1723
Algeria [FIX]0.0321
Algeria [MOB]0.2011
Algeria [Wataniya]0.2563
American Samoa [FIX]0.0286
American Samoa [MOB]0.0153
Andorra [FIX]0.0115
Andorra [MOB]0.0673
Angola [FIX]0.0344
Angola [MOB]0.0911
Anguilla [FIX]0.0850
Anguilla [MOB]0.0923
Antarctica [FIX]0.3387
Antigua and Barbuda [FIX]0.0930
Antigua and Barbuda [MOB]0.0924
Argentina [FIX]0.0132
Argentina [MOB]0.0390
Armenia [FIX]0.0803
Armenia [MOB]0.0967
Aruba [FIX]0.0414
Aruba [MOB]0.0877
Ascension Islands [FIX]0.1967
Australia [FIX]0.0095
Australia [MOB]0.0127
Austria [FIX]0.0584
Austria [FREE]0.0060
Austria [MOB]0.0149
Austria [SPC]0.0995
Azerbaijan [FIX]0.0913
Azerbaijan [MOB]0.1238
Bahamas [FIX]0.0310
Bahamas [MOB]0.0487
Bahrain [FIX]0.0476
Bahrain [MOB]0.0571
Bangladesh [FIX]0.0163
Bangladesh [MOB]0.0159
Barbados [FIX]0.0775
Barbados [MOB]0.0914
Belarus [FIX]0.1670
Belarus [MOB]0.1595
Belgium [FIX]0.0441
Belgium [MOB]0.1921
Belize [FIX]0.0898
Belize [MOB]0.0970
Benin [FIX]0.1279
Benin [MOB]0.1295
Benin [SPC]0.0856
Bermuda [FIX]0.0163
Bermuda [MOB]0.0127
Bhutan [FIX]0.0277
Bhutan [MOB]0.0272
Bolivia [FIX]0.0525
Bolivia [MOB]0.0699
Bosnia-Herzegovina [FIX]0.0716
Bosnia-Herzegovina [MOB]0.1585
Botswana [FIX]0.0422
Botswana [MOB]0.0823
Brazil [FIX]0.0075
Brazil [MOB]0.0125
British Indian Ocean Territory [FIX]0.2603
British Virgin Islands [FIX]0.0810
British Virgin Islands [MOB]0.1039
Brunei Darussalam [FIX]0.0170
Brunei Darussalam [MOB]0.0161
Bulgaria [FIX]0.0374
Bulgaria [MOB]0.1310
Burkina Faso [FIX]0.0958
Burkina Faso [MOB]0.1671
Burundi [FIX]0.2260
Burundi [MOB]0.2331
Cambodia [FIX]0.0301
Cambodia [MOB]0.0368
Cameroon [FIX]0.0473
Cameroon [MOB]0.1611
Canada [FIX]0.0073
Cape Verde [FIX]0.0682
Cape Verde [MOB]0.1116
Cayman Islands [FIX]0.0386
Cayman Islands [MOB]0.0725
Central African Republic [FIX]0.1430
Central African Republic [MOB]0.8975
Chad [FIX]0.2081
Chad [MOB]0.2501
Chile [FIX]0.0089
Chile [MOB]0.0158
China [FIX]0.0087
China [MOB]0.0088
Colombia [FIX]0.0237
Colombia [MOB]0.0340
Comoros [FIX]0.1338
Comoros [MOB]0.1623
Congo Democratic Republic [FIX]0.1637
Congo Democratic Republic [MOB]0.1626
Congo Democratic Republic [SPC]0.0923
Congo [FIX]0.1604
Congo [MOB]0.1976
Cook Islands [FIX]0.2238
Cook Islands [MOB]0.2421
Costa Rica [FIX]0.0128
Costa Rica [MOB]0.0316
Croatia [FIX]0.0143
Croatia [MOB]0.0385
Cuba [FIX]0.3441
Cuba [MOB]0.3500
Cyprus [FIX]0.0435
Cyprus [MOB]0.0435
Czech Republic [FIX]0.0105
Czech Republic [MOB]0.0138
Denmark [FIX]0.0085
Denmark [MOB]0.0102
Djibouti [FIX]0.1362
Djibouti [MOB]0.1365
Dominica [FIX]0.0818
Dominica [MOB]0.0880
Dominican Republic [FIX]0.0203
Dominican Republic [MOB]0.0463
East Timor [FIX]0.2259
East Timor [MOB]0.1810
Ecuador [FIX]0.0557
Ecuador [MOB]0.0781
Egypt [FIX]0.0344
Egypt [MOB]0.0575
El Salvador [FIX]0.0438
El Salvador [MOB]0.0598
Equatorial Guinea [FIX]0.1281
Equatorial Guinea [MOB]0.1945
Eritrea [FIX]0.0969
Eritrea [MOB]0.1033
Estonia [FIX]0.0094
Estonia [MOB]0.1656
Ethiopia [FIX]0.0510
Ethiopia [MOB]0.0898
Faeroes Islands [FIX]0.0133
Faeroes Islands [MOB]0.0153
Falkland Islands [FIX]0.2290
Falkland Islands [MOB]0.2492
Fiji [FIX]0.1128
Fiji [MOB]0.1160
Finland [FIX]0.1566
Finland [MOB]0.1566
France [FIX]0.0099
France [MOB]0.0316
French Guiana [FIX]0.0101
French Guiana [MOB]0.0148
French Polynesia [FIX]0.0690
French Polynesia [MOB]0.1025
Gabon [FIX]0.1687
Gabon [MOB]0.1822
Gambia [FIX]0.3917
Gambia [MOB]0.2976
Georgia [FIX]0.0700
Georgia [MOB]0.1197
Germany [FIX]0.0095
Germany [FREE]0.0088
Germany [MOB]0.0135
Ghana [FIX]0.1097
Ghana [MOB]0.1298
Gibraltar [FIX]0.0175
Gibraltar [MOB]0.0624
Greece [FIX]0.0089
Greece [MOB]0.0137
Greenland [FIX]0.0271
Greenland [MOB]0.0239
Grenada [FIX]0.0782
Grenada [MOB]0.0943
Grenada [SPC]0.0835
Guadeloupe [FIX]0.0095
Guadeloupe [MOB]0.0216
Guam [FIX]0.0127
Guatemala [FIX]0.0376
Guatemala [MOB]0.0605
Guinea [FIX]0.1801
Guinea [MOB]0.2140
Guinea-Bissau [FIX]0.1607
Guinea-Bissau [MOB]0.2175
Guyana [FIX]0.1006
Guyana [MOB]0.1122
Haiti [FIX]0.3047
Haiti [MOB]0.1567
Honduras [FIX]0.0554
Honduras [MOB]0.0734
Hong Kong [FIX]0.0105
Hong Kong [MOB]0.0140
Hungary [FIX]0.0071
Hungary [MOB]0.0134
Iceland [FIX]0.0090
Iceland [MOB]0.0132
India [BSNL]0.0156
India [FIX]0.0174
India [MOB]0.0143
Indonesia [FIX]0.0166
Indonesia [MOB]0.0210
Inmarsat [MOB]1.4632
Iran [FIX]0.0941
Iran [MOB]0.0799
Iraq [FIX]0.0568
Iraq [MOB]0.0996
Ireland [FIX]0.0079
Ireland [MOB]0.0112
Ireland [National Rate]0.0510
Israel [FIX]0.0068
Israel [MOB]0.0137
Italy [FIX]0.0069
Italy [MOB]0.0474
Ivory Coast [FIX]0.1365
Ivory Coast [MOB]0.1505
Jamaica [FIX]0.0845
Jamaica [MOB]0.0926
Japan [FIX]0.0152
Japan [MOB]0.0200
Jordan [FIX]0.0694
Jordan [MOB]0.0867
Kazakhstan [FIX]0.0130
Kazakhstan [MOB]0.0414
Kenya [FIX]0.0805
Kenya [MOB]0.0882
Kiribati [FIX]2.6140
Kiribati [MOB]0.2299
Kosovo [FIX]0.2221
Kosovo [MOB]0.2154
Kuwait [FIX]0.0217
Kuwait [MOB]0.0337
Kyrgyzstan [FIX]0.0565
Kyrgyzstan [MOB]0.0834
Laos [FIX]0.0310
Laos [MOB]0.0336
Latvia [FIX]0.1943
Latvia [MOB]0.0140
Lebanon [FIX]0.0405
Lebanon [MOB]0.0812
Lebanon [SPC]0.0405
Lesotho [FIX]0.0728
Lesotho [MOB]0.1185
Liberia [FIX]0.1587
Liberia [MOB]0.1569
Libya [FIX]0.1068
Libya [MOB]0.1536
Liechtenstein [FIX]0.0317
Liechtenstein [MOB]0.0392
Lithuania [FIX]0.0257
Lithuania [MOB]0.1596
Luxembourg [FIX]0.0090
Luxembourg [MOB]0.0137
Macao [FIX]0.0331
Macao [MOB]0.0390
Macedonia [FIX]0.0667
Macedonia [MOB]0.1608
Madagascar [FIX]0.2500
Madagascar [MOB]0.2843
Malawi [FIX]0.1372
Malawi [MOB]0.1533
Malaysia [FIX]0.0105
Malaysia [MOB]0.0110
Maldives [FIX]0.2614
Maldives [MOB]0.3306
Mali [FIX]0.1621
Mali [MOB]0.1582
Malta [FIX]0.0068
Malta [MOB]0.0093
Marshall Islands [FIX]0.1065
Marshall Islands [MOB]0.0996
Martinique [FIX]0.0096
Martinique [MOB]0.0151
Mauritania [FIX]0.1810
Mauritania [MOB]0.2226
Mauritius [FIX]0.0771
Mauritius [MOB]0.0769
Mayotte [FIX]0.0107
Mayotte [MOB]0.0410
Mexico [FIX]0.0062
Mexico [MOB]0.0069
Mexico [SPC]0.0257
Micronesia [FIX]0.0875
Micronesia [MOB]0.0846
Moldova [FIX]0.1352
Moldova [MOB]0.1070
Monaco [FIX]0.0327
Monaco [MOB]0.1598
Mongolia [FIX]0.0114
Mongolia [MOB]0.0113
Montenegro [FIX]0.0711
Montenegro [MOB]0.1504
Montserrat [FIX]0.1054
Montserrat [MOB]0.0941
Morocco [FIX]0.0121
Morocco [MOB]0.2161
Mozambique [FIX]0.0245
Mozambique [MOB]0.0762
Myanmar [FIX]0.0233
Myanmar [MOB]0.0141
Namibia [FIX]0.0205
Namibia [MOB]0.0281
Nauru [FIX]2.6690
Nauru [MOB]2.6690
Nepal [FIX]0.0456
Nepal [MOB]0.0754
Netherlands Antilles [FIX]0.0225
Netherlands Antilles [MOB]0.0525
Netherlands [FIX]0.1120
Netherlands [FREE]0.0060
Netherlands [MOB]0.1849
New Caledonia [FIX]0.0988
New Caledonia [MOB]0.0984
New Zealand [FIX]0.0094
New Zealand [MOB]0.0204
Nicaragua [FIX]0.0598
Nicaragua [MOB]0.1084
Niger [FIX]0.1266
Niger [MOB]0.1285
Nigeria [FIX]0.0517
Nigeria [MOB]0.0517
Niue [FIX]0.2135
Norfolk Island [FIX]0.3376
Norfolk Island [MOB]0.3083
North Korea [FIX]0.1633
Northern Mariana Islands [FIX]0.0227
Northern Mariana Islands [MOB]0.0159
Norway [FIX]0.0075
Norway [FREE]0.0077
Norway [MOB]0.0103
Oman [FIX]0.0503
Oman [MOB]0.1180
Pakistan [FIX]0.0232
Pakistan [MOB]0.0250
Palau [FIX]0.0834
Palau [MOB]0.0971
Palestinian Territory [FIX]0.0680
Palestinian Territory [MOB]0.0801
Panama [FIX]0.0119
Panama [MOB]0.0479
Panama [SPC]0.0118
Papua New Guinea [FIX]0.5224
Papua New Guinea [MOB]0.5550
Paraguay [FIX]0.0158
Paraguay [MOB]0.0248
Peru [FIX]0.0073
Peru [MOB]0.0382
Peru [Rural]0.0121
Philippines [FIX]0.0482
Philippines [MOB]0.0745
Poland [FIX]0.0095
Poland [MOB]0.1060
Portugal Madeira and Azores [FIX]0.0093
Portugal [FIX]0.0082
Portugal [MOB]0.0217
Puerto Rico [FIX]0.0081
Puerto Rico [MOB]0.0082
Qatar [FIX]0.0719
Qatar [MOB]0.0797
Reunion [FIX]0.0098
Reunion [MOB]0.0207
Romania [FIX]0.0089
Romania [MOB]0.0245
Russian Federation [Abkhazia] [EXCL]0.0993
Russian Federation [Beeline]0.0300
Russian Federation [FIX]0.0197
Russian Federation [MOB]0.0584
Rwanda [FIX]0.1229
Rwanda [MOB]0.0712
Samoa [FIX]1.1737
Samoa [MOB]0.3679
San Marino [FIX]0.0130
San Marino [MOB]0.0212
San Marino [SPC]0.0203
Sao Tome and Principe [FIX]0.3234
Sao Tome and Principe [MOB]0.2071
Saudi Arabia [FIX]0.0386
Saudi Arabia [MOB]0.0617
Senegal [FIX]0.0991
Senegal [MOB]0.1466
Senegal [Tigo]0.1808
Serbia and Montenegro [FIX]0.0726
Serbia and Montenegro [MOB]0.1522
Seychelles [FIX]0.2467
Seychelles [MOB]0.2092
Sierra Leone [FIX]0.1751
Sierra Leone [MOB]0.1844
Singapore [FIX]0.0256
Singapore [MOB]0.0271
Slovak Republic [FIX]0.0071
Slovak Republic [MOB]0.0147
Slovenia [FIX]0.0215
Slovenia [IPKO]0.1818
Slovenia [MOB]0.1655
Solomon Islands [FIX]5.9559
Solomon Islands [MOB]4.9964
Solomon Islands [SPC]1.1182
Somalia [FIX]0.1561
Somalia [MOB]0.1714
Somalia [SPC]0.2057
South Africa [FIX]0.0444
South Africa [MOB]0.0855
South Korea [FIX]0.0083
South Korea [MOB]0.0132
South Sudan [FIX]0.0755
South Sudan [MOB]0.1420
Spain [902] [EXCL]0.0565
Spain [FIX]0.0071
Spain [FREE]0.0071
Spain [MOB]0.0170
Sri Lanka [FIX]0.0678
Sri Lanka [MOB]0.0762
St Helena [FIX]0.4384
St Kitts and Nevis [FIX]0.0842
St Kitts and Nevis [MOB]0.0900
St Lucia [FIX]0.0810
St Lucia [MOB]0.0953
St Maarten [FIX]0.0431
St Maarten [MOB]0.0513
St Pierre and Miquelon [FIX]0.0276
St Pierre and Miquelon [MOB]0.0807
St Vincent and the Grenadines [FIX]0.1065
St Vincent and the Grenadines [MOB]0.1050
Sudan [FIX]0.0615
Sudan [MOB]0.0754
Suriname [FIX]0.0560
Suriname [MOB]0.1379
Swaziland [FIX]0.0209
Swaziland [MOB]0.0595
Sweden [FIX]0.0066
Sweden [MOB]0.0107
Switzerland [84X][EXCL]0.0101
Switzerland [FIX]0.0150
Switzerland [FREE]0.0097
Switzerland [MOB]0.1953
Syrian Arab Republic [FIX]0.1069
Syrian Arab Republic [MOB]0.1834
Taiwan [FIX]0.0107
Taiwan [MOB]0.0397
Tajikistan [FIX]0.0509
Tajikistan [MOB]0.0593
Tanzania [FIX]0.1051
Tanzania [MOB]0.1246
Thailand [FIX]0.0075
Thailand [MOB]0.0257
Thuraya [MOB]0.7349
Togo [FIX]0.1370
Togo [MOB]0.1154
Tonga [FIX]0.3379
Tonga [MOB]0.7195
Trinidad and Tobago [FIX]0.0360
Trinidad and Tobago [MOB]0.0750
Tunisia [FIX]0.2720
Tunisia [MOB]0.2707
Turkey [FIX]0.0139
Turkey [MOB]0.0629
Turkey northern Cyprus [FIX]0.0189
Turkey northern Cyprus [MOB]0.0443
Turkmenistan [FIX]0.0462
Turkmenistan [MOB]0.0614
Turks and Caicos [FIX]0.0848
Turks and Caicos [MOB]0.0989
Tuvalu [FIX]0.2640
US Virgin Islands [FIX]0.0109
US Virgin Islands [MOB]0.0110
Uganda [FIX]0.1256
Uganda [MOB]0.1390
Ukraine [FIX]0.0656
Ukraine [MOB]0.1166
United Arab Emirates [FIX]0.0686
United Arab Emirates [MOB]0.0714
United Kingdom [084 Rate]0.0467
United Kingdom [087 Rate]0.0818
United Kingdom [FIX]0.0074
United Kingdom [FREE]0.0060
United Kingdom [MOB2]0.0560
United Kingdom [MOB]0.0111
United Kingdom [Personal]0.0306
United Kingdom [SPC]0.0526
United States [FIX]0.0076
United States [SPC]0.0068
Uruguay [FIX]0.0269
Uruguay [MOB]0.0589
Uzbekistan [FIX]0.0703
Uzbekistan [MOB]0.0703
Vanuatu [FIX]1.0221
Vanuatu [MOB]0.5233
Venezuela [FIX]0.0105
Venezuela [MOB]0.0441
Viet Nam [FIX]0.0307
Viet Nam [MOB]0.0312
Wallis and Futuna [FIX]0.1201
Yemen [FIX]0.0654
Yemen [MOB]0.0629
Zambia [FIX]0.1365
Zambia [MOB]0.1829
Zimbabwe [FIX]0.0426
Zimbabwe [MOB]0.1782