VoIP Wholesale

Voiplid is a World leading call termination VoIP Service provider,offering superior wholesale VoIP and telephony services to carriers, businesses, and other VoIP providers.


Providing always a premium voice quality services levels of termination through global direct interconnects, Voiplid lets you maximize your profits. In real time, you can manage your client’s, call capacities, or payments methods on a  per call basis – all via the click of a mouse.
Voiplid global scale vast industry knowledge, you will receive not only the best rates in the market but also the best call qualities in the industry.

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OUR PREMIUM Routing delivers both the highest qualities  and advanced features set combined with extremely competitive market rates. Our Platinum routes use only Tier one direct interconnects either via Local Networks Operator, Mobile Network Operators, Regional Network Operators or the Parent Company termination providers ensuring your customers receive uncompromising call quality.

In addition, Premium route have:

  • daily testing via Ascade to ensure the route delivers (CLI).
  • transparency of ISUP signaling for roaming (OCN & RDN).
  • 24 x 7 proactively managed Quality of Services parameters like  jitter, routes stability, ASR, ALOC and CCR.

Finally, all Premium customers have access to a best in class Carrier Portal permitting proactive observance of specific quality of services parameters relevant to your specific routes and business.

 Let’s Talk About Quality

Voiplid Network delivers you outstanding quality voice termination. We achieve this through a combination of an industry leading platform, a global interconnected network and unique international retail distribution.

Voiplid Network provides you with a leading Tier One Telco grade platform:

  • Capacity for 450,000 simultaneous calls with a monthly capacity of 6 billion minutes terminated per month.
  • Full A -Z rate sheets for all four of our quality service levels, including premium routes. Rates are updated weekly, always giving the best and most up to date prices.
  • Access to all Voiplid’s platform features, functions and routes regardless of the size of your business.


About Network:

Voiplid Network allows you to connect to a Tier 1 network providing you with:

  • 570 direct interconnects and operations in 146 countries delivering premium routes at great rates.
  • A global IP backbone, overlaid with a Sonu’s Softswitch network to support TDM.
  • Our dedicated team monitoring CCR and ALOC using our own propriety applications, ensuring that you receive the quality that you expect.
About Rates:

Leverage the global scale and buying powers of Voiplid  as well as the industry knowledge. Working with Voiplid provides you with business stability and peace of mind ensuring that you can focus on your core business activities.

  • Voiplid Network is one of the world’s largest international voice over carriers, terminating over 10 billion minutes per year.
  • Voiplid Network generates over 1.3bn in annual revenue.
  • Voiplid Network is the largest calling cards provider in the world with over 39,000 outlets in its global retail distribution network.
  • Voiplid Network has a team of “Market Maker’s” dedicated to provide you with the most competitive rates for any given routes.



Getting Started

With Voiplid Network, you can sign up for a free test account and access to our A-Z rate list. No unnecessary credit cards or endless forms, just immediate access to a full service portal.

  • Free test account allows you to test the service before Moving with us.
  • As a prepay service, there are no credit checks to slow down application’s.
  • Access to highly trained account managers whose aim is to ensure that Voiplid Network offer’s your business the best solution.
  • Once up and running, network support is available 24 x 7.
Management & Reporting:

Voiplid Network doesn’t just offer a great choice of service levels, outstanding quality routes, and industry leading rates but also the management reporting tools to fully understand your business.

  • Voiplid Network‘ management reporting suite provides online information’s on your business’ traffic termination, usage patterns and financial analysis.
  • Reports can be customized to show daily, weekly and monthly information’s.
  • Manage your credit cards on file in real time, make payments and get instructions on wire and money order payments.
  • All reporting is online, on-demand and available 24/7.
Online Tools:

The Voiplid Network portal provides you with full real time control, empowering you to decide how to proactively manage your voice termination business best.

No waiting. No tickets. No asking. Enter the portal, make the changes and it’s done.

  • On a per route or per calls basis, you can be change:
    • Individuals route,
    • Termination service level quality s,
    • Calls capacities or
    • Payment method
  • Voiplid Network empowers you to manage your credit-cards on file in real times, make payments and even get instruction’s on wire and Western Union payments.
  • Full service ticket system, to raise and manage your help tickets online and in real time’s.

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