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Argentina DID Virtual Phone Number

Buy Argentinian Virtual Phone Numbers online and direct calls to VoIP, landlines or mobile phones worldwide or a cloud phone system. Incoming calls to Argentina Virtual Numbers may be forwarded to your own network.

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Virtual Phone Number

Get dedicated phone numbers outside of your area code or country for just $4.99 per month

A Virtual Phone Number is a way for people outside your local calling area to call you for the price of a local call if you choose a virtual phone number in their local calling area. Whether they’re across the country or across the globe, your family and friends can call you like you’re right next door.

How Does It Work?​

Voiplid Virtual Numbers are for incoming calls ONLY, so they ring to your primary Voiplid line. This transfer is just as fast and seamless as any other Voiplid phone call. Just like email addresses on one account, you can have as many Virtual Numbers as you like, and they’re activated immediately.

For example:

Let’s say that you live in New York where your Voiplid primary number has area code 718. Your mom lives in Florida. Her area code is 561. You could get a virtual phone number in area code 561 that rings to your 718 line. Now mom doesn’t have to pay long distance charges when she calls you.

It’s easy to add any International Virtual DID Numbers too!

Virtual Numbers are only available to Voiplid account holders.

Virtual Number

Business users love them too

Imagine having business cards with New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles satellite office numbers for less than $5.00 per month each. Now local clients can dial you without dialing long distance. And you get the local presence without all the expensive overhead.


Argentina Virtual Number

Want to be in two places at the same time?

Voiplid Virtual Number is a great added service to your Voiplid plan. Do you have friends, family, business colleagues or customers in a particular city where you don’t live? Simply add a Virtual Number and give them a local number to call you! Your Virtual Number simply rings your primary Voiplid Phone line or any SoftPhone. Voila! You’re in two places at the same time!

It’s easy, it’s practical and it makes you local wherever you want to be.

3000 Co-Office


Enjoying Voiplid Virtual Number.

Multichannel DID Virtual Phone Numbers

The company also provides international multichannel virtual local numbers (also called multiple channel DID, direct inward dialing numbers).
It allows to receive several calls simultaneously and it is very important element in successful activity of modern company.
Get virtual multichannel number and expand your business! Your clients will easily call you any time thus you will not lose clients when your company phone numbers are busy.
  • reduce telephone calls cost up to 60-70%
  • save money for international calls
  • forward incoming calls practically anywhere in the world
  • ability to reach a global market
  • no additional equipment to purchase

Phone to Phone

An Argentina Virtual DID Phone Numbers can be forwarded to any regular phone landline or cellular within 135 countries. No Internet, computer or any additional equipment is needed. It is just like assigning an international number to your local phone. This is a cost-effective and practical solution for those who want to be contacted or contact people all over the world and be independent of an internet connection. For example, you live in London, but many of your friends live in the USA. You can assign a New York number to your local London number and all your friends can call you, paying only local rates. As another example, let’s say you live in the USA and want your friends from Argentina to call you, just in 20 seconds you can get the service running in only 3 steps:

  • Buy a Argentina Virtual DID Phone Numbers ($1 setup + $2 monthly fee).
    Note that the pricing of the DID is dependent on the location)

  • Map the DID to your home phone number (PSTN) in the USA (for additional $9.99 per month)

  • Send your friends in Argentina your DID number.

When this is done, they will be able to call you in the USA, paying only local Argentina phone rates.

Voip Providers, allow people worldwide to make and receive phone calls over the Internet. Usually people use the services for outgoing calls only, because the service is not reachable from other networks or regular phones. With DID World Wide you can have local incoming number (or many numbers) from more than 130 countries, with no forwarding services charged, only for a low fixed monthly rental fees (starting from $0.99 a month). For example, you live in Brazil and would like to use only IP Telephony services with no local telephone line at home. In addition, you have a friends in Australia and want to be reached from there as well. In just 20 seconds you can get the service running in only 4 steps:

  • Register with Voiplid Network VoIP Service, and follow the instructions for installing a soft phone, IP phone or Wi-Fi Phone with your provider. In the process of registration, you will receive a User ID or Account ID.

  • Buy Brazilian and Australian DIDs on Voiplid Network.

  • Map the numbers you receive on “My DIDs” page to your VoIP provider’s account ID through the mapping wizard on “Mapping Page” (under “VoIP Providers” tab).

  • Give your contacts in Brazil your local Brazilian number and provide your Australian friends with the local Australian number.

That’s it! This allows Australians to call you from a regular phone and they will pay only local rates instead of international long distance rates. In addition, your Brazilian friends can call you from regular or cellular phones and you do not need to install a phone line in your home.

IP PBX’s, Call Centers or Calling Card customers are welcome to buy unlimited incoming traffic from DID World Wide. With friendly online management, the world’s largest international coverage, instant activation and super stable and high quality services, DID World Wide leads the origination market. Load-balanced services are monitored 24/7, securely located at New York’s largest Tele-house with more than 30 Gigabits backup lines. DID World Wide services are designed to provide you with full online nearest server selection routing as well as multi protocol and multi codec support. With the DID World Wide online management interface, you can add or remove additional capacity instantly, for as low as $5 per additional voice channel per month, no setup fee and no minutes charged.

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