Hospitality VoIP Solutions

Implement Cost Effective Technology
Increase Guest Satisfaction
Maximize Profits.

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Voiplid Network understands that seamless communication is a critical part of running a successful Hotel. Our complete VoIP everywhere solutions gives the hospitality sector a new way to stand above the race, while adding a new source of revenue.

Hotel’s across the world are joining the VoIP revolution and switching from traditional phone systems to Voiplid Network low costs, High profits, VoIP everywhere solutions.

Hospitality VoIP Solutions Offer Supplies:

    • Branded Calling Cards, use while aboard and at home
    • Lobby calling with prepaid phone both
    • In-Room Calling with standard phones
    • Branded mobile calling APP

Offer your guest the convenience of making international calls directly from your hotel lobby, in their rooms, and even on their mobile phones with our turn-key Hospitality VoIP Solutions. This new calling flexibility will increase customer loyalty and brand recognition, as your guest will no longer use your internet connection to make calls with Skype or other VoIP providers, cutting you out of the profit! By offering your branded cheap calling service, you will profit from every second your guest make a calls. While reducing the high costs associated with traditional phone lines. Our cutting edge VoIP technology is simply configured in your current infrastructure without complexity or additional costs.

  • hotel-room-voip-solution In Room

    Guest can call anywhere from the comfort of their hotel rooms.

  •  voip-hotel-lobby- calling In Lobby

    Offer International cheap calling right from your lobby!

  • Hospitality voip Solutions On-The-Go

    Call international right from mobile phones through your branded app.

Strengthen customers’ loyalty by providing your customers communication at a cost they can afford.

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